Please heed the rating system!
I rate high to be on the safe side. 
My NC-17 isn't too graphic, more romance novel-ish. (Is that a word?)
Fics are listed in the order they were written.
Enjoy the fic!

GCCA Outstanding Comedy Author
2003 & 2004

Green Apple Musings
Rated PG
Sam POV/ Josh POV
Summary:  Sam makes a few observations on Air Force One

Work It Out
Rated R
Summary:  After Amy stirs the pot, things finally reach the boiling point between Josh and Donna  

Leather Pants and Jose Cuervo (website exclusive)
Rated R
Summary:  Donna ends up in leather pants and way too much eye liner.
Inebrious Confabulation 
Rated G
Summary:  Post Ep for Night Five. Josh and Donna have a conversation.
Sticks and Stones
Rated R  or  Rated NC-17
Summary:  A trip to the hospital brings more than expected.

Lock, Stock and Teardrops
Rated PG
Summary: Takes place after Night Five. Josh gets a little help.

It's Been a Bad Day Again
Rated  NC-17
Summary:  Donna has a very bad day.

Worst Case Scenario
Rated  PG
Summary:  Josh and Donna read a book. 

Where the Heart Is
Rated  PG
Summary:  Takes place after Dead Irish Writers. Amy has to deal with Josh's heart condition.

Rated R or Rated NC-17
Summary:  Josh rush's around and well, things happen when he's distracted.

I'm Not a Virgin Anymore (companion piece to Rush)
Rated R
Summary:  Donna deals with Dr. Freeride.

Rated PG
Summary:  Post Ep for Stirred. Sometimes it's nice to be the Magic Man

Rated G
Summary: "I hate you." "Yeah, but you don't mind sleeping with me."


Rated PG
Summary: "Promise me you won't show this to anyone else."


Rated NC-17
Summary: Josh and Donna go to her parents for Thanksgiving.

Enemies and Friends (website exclusive)
Rated G
Summary: Post Ep for Enemies Foreign and Domestic. "It was a death threat, CJ."

Missing Jesse James
Rated PG-13
Summary: Post Ep for Black Vera Wang. "She's listening to Cher." "Is that a bad thing?" "Depends on the song."

Put Up or Shut Up
Rated NC-17
Summary: "Did you just say put up or shut up?"

Secret Agent Man
Rated PG
Summary: CJ/Simon fic.  "I love my job."

Seeking Contentment 
Rated PG
Summary: Post Ep for We Killed Yamamoto.  Josh walks in the opposite direction.

Rated R
Summary: "Why did you do that?" "Because you never would."

Eight Miles Over the Line
Rated R
Summary: Post Season Finale.
Thats okay. Im sure J wont mind.

Is it the Way He Acts
Rated R
Summary: Post Season Finale. "Hes grinning like a fool. But of course, I would be too if Donna was straddling my lap!"

Rated R
Summary: Post Season Finale.  Pendency-
The quality or state of being undecided, or in continuance; suspense

Read My Lips 
Rated R
Summary: Youre stoned and you sound like Elmer Fudd. Too bad CJ cant hear you right now.

Rated R
Summary: Okay, Josh. Im not going to lie to you. This is going to hurt like hell.

Source of Strength
Rated R
Summary: Post Re-election. Josh rushes to Florida after his mother has an accident

20 Hours in America (Post Ep)
Rated PG
Summary: "How is this our life?" 

Cherry Flavored Cure All (Post Ep)
Rated R
Summary: II think Im sick. Gee, that sounded a lot more pitiful than I really wanted.

Looking for It (Post Ep)
Rated PG
Summary: I think Im saying what you think Im saying.

At Days End (Post Ep)
Rated PG
Summary: Post Ep for California 47th. Donna's day catches up with her.

Drifting Toward the Edge (Post Ep)
Rated PG-13
Summary: : Post Ep for Jefferson Lives

Brought to You by the Number 1 (Post Ep)
GCCA Winner - Outstanding Non-Romance

Rated PG-13
Summary: : Post Ep for Eppur Si Muove "They're Muppets. Get it Right."

Drabble- Spoilers for Memorial Day(Pre-Ep)
Rated PG
Summary: Inspired by the image at the end of Tim McGraw's 'Don't Take the Girl' video

A Favor Among Men
Rated PG
Summary: Josh has a conversation with Admiral Fitzwallace

The Night Shift
Rated G
Summary: "I thought the night shift would be less emotional"

Rated PG
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