Rated PG



Her skin was gray.  The nurse was placing the tape over her eyes as the anesthesiologist checked his machine. As the door slowly closed, Josh felt as if the world had shifted from its axis.   This canít happen.  Not to Donna.  She was fine.  She was giving him crap about needing to shave.  He should have never left her.  If he hadnít left her this wouldnít have happened. He just wanted to buy her some roses.  He needed to make her happy.  He wanted to make her smile.   Now she was slipping away from him.  This canít happen.  Not to her.  Not now.  Hadnít they been through enough?! Why!? Why her?!  He steadied himself by placing a hand on the wall. His head began to swim and he wasnít aware that he had slipped to his knees.  It was then he started to plead with God.



Inspired by the Spoilers for 'Memorial Day'