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Category: RSY Word-A-Month Challenge (Shiver)
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* There he is again. God he's gorgeous. Look at those eyes.* She
tucked her hair behind her ears and tried to act as casual as she
could. Taking a sip of her soft drink, she stole another glance. *
Every week he eats here. Like clockwork. Monday, Tuesday and Friday.
Like it's a ritual or something. Wonder what he's going to order
today. * She took another bite of her chicken salad and delicately
wiped the corners of her mouth.
* Maybe if I make eye contact, he'll talk to me today. Yeah, right.
I've been coming here for a month and half and he still hasn't talked
to me. He doesn't even know I'm here. If he knew what I was thinking,
I'd bet he'd talk to me. Unless he thinks I'm a dog. I'm not a dog,
am I? Why do I even bother? He's obviously not interested. * Scrunching
her napkin into a small ball, she placed her silverware and trash in
the center of her plate. The small diner was starting to get a little
noisy with the lunch crowd. She dug a few crumpled dollars from her
jeans pocket and tossed them on the table. * I bet I've spent a
fortune in here. Oh well, Margie deserves the tip. One last look and
I'm out the door, cute guy.* Turning her head, she felt a shiver run
through her spine. He was looking directly at her. * OH MY GOD! He's
smiling at me!* He leaned against the pay counter and smiled as she
walked over to pay. * Just talk to him. Say hello. Tell him your
name. Tell him you want to bare his children! *

He looked down at his boots for a second and then looked back up
again. *She's smiling at me. Just talk to her! I've been coming in
here for weeks just to see her and now I'm just going to stare at her
like an idiot. * Coughing nervously, he ran his hand through his
hair. She responded with her own nervous movements. She looked down
at the floor as she tucked the hair behind her ears again. She looked
once more. *He's still smiling at me! Say something!*
"Hi." *Okay! I did it! Please speak back. Please speak back. *
"Margie, can I have a to go cup?" She called behind the counter.
"Great place to eat, huh?" * Oh Jesus! How lame was that. I'm a
moron. *
"Yeah, they have a great cheeseburger."
"Best in town. But not as good as Andrew's on Fifth." * I'm a moron!
What a dumb thing to say. *
"I've never been to Andrew's, so I'll have to take your word for it."
* Here's your chance. Ask her. She's opened the door for you. Just do
"Maybe I should take you to dinner there. I'd hate to see you miss
out on an Andrew's burger."
* OH MY GOD! He asked me out. *
"I'd love to." She extended her hand to him. As he slid his palm into
hers, a familiar shiver ran along his spine.
"Ray Kowalski. It's a pleasure."

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