School Daze

by Pretty-Pretty

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"Constable, It's so nice to see you again."
"Thank you kindly, Mrs. Harrelson. I hope that my presence here today won't in any way be of a disturbance to your class."  Mrs. Harrelson laughed softly.

"I assure you, Constable Fraser. Your presence can't cause any more disturbance that usual." Fraser gave her a confused look.

"This is a vocational school, Constable. We serve four area high schools. All the students are bused over and back. None of the students are allowed to drive unless given special permission during all day field trips or contests."

"I see. Well, per our meeting, the district has contacted the local authorities to evaluate the safety and security measures taken by each of its schools. I'm sure I'll gain some valuable insight in what needs to be improved by observing the students and their interaction with the school."

"Let me fill you in on the morning class. This is Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Advance I. I have about 20 students. They should be arriving in about 10 minutes. Most of the buses arrive on time, however one or two run behind on occasion. It takes about 15 minutes for all the students to get here and get settled."

"I see."

"Where did you go to high school, Constable?"

"I never attended a formal high school. Due to the remoteness and the fact that my grandparents moved quite often, I was, I believe the term you would use today would be, home schooled." Mrs. Harrelson gave the innocent looking Mountie and sympathetic look. Fraser returned it with confusion. Mrs. Harrelson smiled and gently placed a hand on his upper arm.

"I hope this won't be to traumatic for you."

Fraser couldn't tell if the young teacher was joking with him or completely serious. His thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sound of a young man singing.

"Say my name. Sa-ay my name." The young man entered the room and danced 'soul-train line' fashion through the front door.

"Good morning, Joey." The young man didn't even slow his step. He turned to face Mrs. Harrelson and continued singing and gesturing wildly to her. "Say my name, say my name - that's what I need to hear - "  Fraser stood rigid and wide eyed as another student walked through the classroom door.

"What are we going to do today? Let's have a free day." Fraser looked on as the young girl walked as if she could only move in slow motion. He leaned down and quietly asked, "Do you also serve special needs students here at the school? I noticed that this young woman appears to be walking rather slowly. Is this due to some physical disability or balance problem?" Mrs. Harrelson smiled and replied sweetly, "It's called laziness, Constable. If it were classified as a special need, then they would all need a self contained class." Fraser's eyes riveted to the door.

"Mrs. Harrelson, I believe one of your students has forgotten his belt. And by the look of his pants, he must have a very large older brother. I have heard of some families that pass clothes down from one sibling to another."

"He's wearing a belt. That's the style."

"Oh dear. Is he aware that his boxer shorts are showing?"

"Yes, he's aware." She grinned to herself.

"Hey, Mrs. Harrelson, who's this? Is he a guest speaker? We don't have to do anything because he's here, right?" Before Mrs. Harrelson could answer, in his Mountie like way, Fraser replied, "I'm Constable Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I have come here today to observe your classroom in an effort to deduce what security measures are required for next years school term." The student didn't even blink.

"So we don't have to do anything, right, Mrs. Harrelson?"

"You have an assignment on the board, David."

"Can we turn the radio on?"

"Yes, but don't change the station. Don't turn it up, either." The baggy pants clad student shuffled to the back of the room and clicked on the radio. Joey the singer immediately joined in with the song it played.

"I can fe-el you Bre-eathe - "

Five more students made their way through the door. Fraser stood wide-eyed as the students made their entrance to the room. The girl was smiling and happy. Two young men were wearing some type of military uniforms, one was in heavy work boots and the last was a young girl that looked much too old to be in high school.

"Mrs. Harrelson I won't be here Thursday of next week. I'm going on a field trip."

"Thank you, Brian. I'll make a note if that." Fraser noted that for the most part, the students sat in their desks. There were several students leaned over one another's computers talking quietly. He decided it was time that he took a seat in the corner and quietly observed.

"You have a new assignment on the board. Draft a three view drawing of the object in a layout 'C' title block. Make sure you check your dim - "

"What page is it on?"


"Make sure you check your dimensions carefully and you include all the - "

"This is too hard!"

"It's not that hard. Just think about your work. Make sure you include all your hidden lines. It's due at the end of class."

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

"Go ahead."

"What title block, Mrs. Harrelson?"

"Layout C."

The students started flipping through their textbooks as Mrs. Harrelson walked over to Fraser.

"How are you doing, Constable?"

"I was just curious, Mrs. Harrelson. Why does that young man have that chain around his neck?"

"He thinks it's cool."

"Is that a ring in his face?"

"Yes, he has an eyebrow ring."

"Is this a part of his tribal adornment?"

"You could say that."

"I noticed that you allow them to listen to the radio."

"It keeps them calm."

"I see."

"Mrs. Harrelson!"

"Yes, April."

"I can't do this!"

"I'm right here, April. You don't have to scream. What can't you do?"



"The whole thing."

"What part, April?"

"I don't know how tall it is."

"It's 5 inches tall. See right here. There's the dimension."

"Oh, okay. Can I go to the bathroom?"

"Yes ma'am. Go ahead."

"Do you smell what the Rock is cooking!?" Fraser turned startled to the young man that just loudly asked the question to no one in particular.

"Tim, be quiet and get back to work."

"I'm gonna lay the smack-down on this drawing!" The young man gestured wrestling moves in the air.

"Mrs. Harrelson, what happened? Does that child have a form of Tourette's Syndrome."

Mrs. Harrelson laughed out loud.

"No, Constable he has a form of 'WWF' syndrome."

Fraser could only look on in confusion. This was nothing like he had ever seen. Mrs. Harrelson had moved to the other side of the room to help another student when Fraser saw them coming toward him. Two girls. One in a tank top with her bra straps showing. She had some type of butterfly shaped clips in rows in the front of her hair. Fraser noticed when she moved, that she had some type of ring through her navel. The other girl was in a skirt that would have made Francesca proud. He noticed how steadily she walked on the platform sandals she wore. Her hair was pulled into six ponytails in various positions on her head.

"Oh dear."


"Are you a friend of Mrs. Harrelson?" The bra-strapped girl asked while sucking on a green sucker.

"We are aquatinted, yes."

"Ohhh. Are you her boyfriend?" The young girl made a smacking sound as she swirled the green sucker in her mouth. Fraser pulled at his collar.

"Ah, No. I am just observing her class."

"What's with the uniform?"

"I beg you pardon."

"Are you a doorman of something?"

"I am a Mountie." Fraser didn't like the look the young girls were giving him. He shifted nervously and tried to see where Mrs. Harrelson was.

"A 'Mountie', huh? That sounds wonderful. What's it like to be a Mountie?" He ran his thumb over his eyebrow.

"Well - it's ah - " Mrs. Harrelson could see the fear in him. He was twitching like a cornered squirrel, looking for the best path to flee.

"Ladies, please return to your seats."

"He's a baby doll, Mrs. Harrelson. You should get you some of that."

"Ladies." Fraser looked on in horror.

"Is everyday like - "

"Mrs. Harrelson, when's the break cart coming? I'm hungry."

"It should be here in about five minutes. Be patient."

"I'm hungry, too, Mrs. H."

"Hit me baby, one mo-ore time!"

Mrs. Harrelson smiled at Fraser. She could tell the poor man was getting skittish.

"Don't worry, Constable. Only an hour left to go. Then we can go to lunch."

Fraser gave her a small smile. His respect for her was growing by the second. She always had a smile on her face and she never faltered. *How did she do this everyday. I would much rather fight a mother bear on an ice flow than to teach a class like this. *

"Mrs. Harrelson. Can I go to the bathroom?"

"Yes, sir."

"BREAK!!"  Fraser's eyes jolted toward the door. A large woman screamed and all the students rushed toward her.

"Constable, why don't I buy you a soft drink."  Fraser looked at her. He was still a little dazed at what he saw going on around him.

"Mrs. Harrelson. Can we get on the Internet during break?"

"Yes, that's fine. I'll give you fifteen minutes. Remember, your assignment is due at the end of class."

Fraser watched as most of the students returned with their break items. He watched in amazement at the amount of food some of them had purchased. Mrs. Harrelson handed him a can of Sprite. "I thought I better get you something caffeine free."

"Thank you kindly. Do they always purchase so much food? I noticed several young men with three drinks, two bags of chips and a candy bar."

"Yes, but today was an off day. It's Friday, so most don't have as much money."


"Mrs. Harrelson, can I go to the bathroom?" Fraser wondered if it was because of their age, that they all seemed to have extremely small bladders.


"Mrs. Harrelson, come look at this. Am I doing this right?"

"Excuse me, Constable."

"Okay, Break's over. Return to your desks and get back to work."

Fraser noticed most of the students didn't even move at the sound of her voice. He saw Mrs. Harrelson slowly walk around the room. He observed that once she neared a row, all those students on that row moved quickly to their spots.

"Say my name, Say my name!"

"Shut up, Joey!"

"You shut up, Julieta."

"Mrs. Harrelson, make Joey shut up."

"Joey, you are disturbing the others. Be quiet."

"Aw, Mrs. Harrelson. I'm not doing nothing."



"Oh, SNAP!"

"Tim, what did you do?"

"I got it right!"

"Good job! Are you ready to turn it in?"

"Are you going to grade it?"


"Are you going to give me something else to do if I give it to you now?"


"No, I'm not finished, then."

"Mrs. Harrelson, can I get a drink of water?"

"You just had a drink."

"I'm still thirsty."

"Okay, go ahead."

Fraser watched as the boy stood up and walked toward the door. He managed to touch everyone in his path along the way. Without even turning away from the student she was talking to, Mrs. Harrelson called out to him, "Leave them alone and go get your water!"

"I wasn't doing anything. Why do always think I'm doing something?"

"Because you always are, Matt."

"Shut up, Tamara."

"You shut up."

"Don't make me have to lay the smack-down on you."

"ENOUGH! Matt, water. Tamara, work. You have twenty minutes until the bell. At ten 'till you need to start printing."

"I'm not finished yet."

"Can we work on it tomorrow."

"Tomorrow's Saturday, slapnuts."



"No, you have to have everything turned in today. I suggest you quit talking and get back to work."

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

"When John gets back then you can go."

"I can't wait!" Fraser watched as the thin girl began to squeeze her knees together and hop up and down.

"Go ahead. But come straight back."

"It's hot in here."

"You only have 15 more minutes."

"Can I open a window?"

"Go ahead."

"Hey, Brian. Look at that car!" Fraser watched as Mrs. Harrelson herded the boys away from the window and back to their seats.

"My computer won't print."

"Take it to another one and print it from there."

"Nothing works in here, Mrs. Harrelson." Fraser could feel a headache starting to grow.

"Mrs. Harrelson, is he going to come back Monday?"

"No, he's only here for today."

"Are you going to lunch with him?"

"Yes, All the teachers will go to lunch today."

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

"Yes, hurry or the bell will catch you."

"Mine still won't print!"

"Bring your disk and I'll print it out."

"You can't get it to wo-ork."

"Shut up Justin!"

"Justin, have you printed yours."

"Mine's on the back table."

"Then go throw your stuff away."

"That's not my trash. It's Stacey's"

"Is not!"

"Is too, slob."

"I don't care who's it is. Throw it away." Fraser watched as the two students pushed and poked one another all the way to the trashcan.

"Five Minutes. Get cleaned up and shut your computer's down."

The entire class milled back and forth. Trash was deposited and computer's were silenced. The room fell quiet for the first time. Twenty students stood anxiously at the door and waited for the bell.

"Tim, turn the lights back on. I've told you not to touch the lights."

"It was Tera."


"Girl, shut up!"

Fraser nearly jumped when he heard the long tone of the bell. His head pounded. He still felt dazed and somewhat bewildered from what he had just endured.  He looked on as all the students patted or smiled at Mrs. Harrelson.

"Bye, Mrs. Harrelson. Have a good weekend."

"Bye, Mrs. H."

"See ya, Mrs. Harrelson."

Mrs. Harrelson sighed and turned to face the very pale Mountie. "So, are you ready to get some lunch before the next class gets here. I have to warn you. This morning class is the best behaved in the school. I'm the envy of most of the teachers. So, this afternoon class might get on your nerves a bit." Fraser could feel the blood drain from his face.

"Oh dear."


 The End


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